5 Home Updates to Provide Peace of Mind for Your Family


(Family Features) Home improvement projects often focus on updating the aesthetic of your house, but upgrades that make your living space more secure and comfortable for you and your family are sometimes even more important.

From your front door to the interior of your home and more, these ideas from the experts at Masonite, a global industry leader in interior and exterior doors, can help provide greater peace of mind – ensuring what matters most is always protected.

Ensure Your Home is Well-Lit
A well-lit home exterior makes it easier to spot potential threats and may even deter people and animals that don’t belong on your property. Automatic outdoor lighting, either set to a timer or triggered by motion or light sensors, can help you see what’s going on outside. Ensure fixtures on your porch, patio and garage are in good working order and replace burned out bulbs or lights that no longer function. Adding landscape lighting can also aid in security while boosting curb appeal.

Protect Your Home with a Secure Front Door
Upgrading your front door can do much more than just improve the look of your home – it’s also an important part of providing enhanced security for you and your family. With four times more impact resistance than a standard deadbolt lock, the M-Protect Multi-Point Security Lock offers homeowners unmatched protection to keep what matters most safe. The lock works like a standard deadbolt, but with more points of contact, and it is compatible with a wide array of handle sets and hardware, including electronic deadbolts. It can be added to any Masonite Performance Door System – an innovative solution that provides superior energy efficiency, performance and comfort – which is available in a diverse range of finishes, colors and glass styles to fit any home design.

Reduce Fire Hazards
Many elements of a home like furnaces, chimneys, hot water heaters and other gas appliances provide value to homeowners through comfort and convenience but can pose risks without proper maintenance. Hiring a professional to check your heating and air conditioning system annually can help you avoid costly repairs while also protecting your loved ones. Keeping the chimney clean of debris, creosote and soot helps lower fire risk and ensures smoke, carbon dioxide and other gases are safely carried out of the home.

Control Home Systems On the Go
Installing security systems, doorbells, lighting and other systems that can be controlled from a smartphone app, like the Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door, can provide added convenience and peace of mind. You can remotely turn lights on and off, unlock doors, change the temperature, open or close garage doors and check camera feeds while away.

Replace Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
A simple project to make your home safer, it’s essential to check your smoke detectors regularly and replace the batteries every six months. If you discover the date of manufacture on the back of your smoke detectors is more than 10 years ago, replacement is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. While checking your smoke detectors, test or install carbon monoxide alarms to ensure you have a way to detect the invisible, odorless gas that can cause serious health problems if left unchecked.

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