A Surprising Ingredient: Metal in Chocolate Pudding at Montclair High


A student at Montclair High School had an unpleasant surprise ingredient in the chocolate pudding served by the cafeteria. A piece of metal about 1/2 inch in size was in the sweet desert and the student, luckily, was not injured.

Here is the letter from the Montclair High School principal, Anthony M. Grosso

October 16, 2019

Dear MHS Community,

Today during lunch a student found a half inch piece of metal in their chocolate

pudding. The student was not injured and quickly brought this to the attention of

the staff. The District and Food Service are investigating where this piece of metal

came from. The chocolate pudding was immediately pulled from the cafeteria line

and not served for the remainder of the lunch period. This occurred early in the

lunch period so very few puddings had been served.

The Montclair School District, along with Pomptonian Foods, is committed to the

highest standards. They are looking into all proactive measures to avoid this type of

issue in the future.


Anthony M. Grosso


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