How About a Bud and a Chaser (aka a Vaccination)?

Bud and others promote Vaccinations with new campaign

Ad Council
Diane Lilli

Yesterday, Budweiser launched a new ad with a new twist - and a shot in the arm.

The global beer giant released "Good Times are Coming", a feel-good ad that focuses on the pre-Covid days when getting together and sharing a beer was commonplace.

As Jimmy Durante sings "I'll be seeing you," a message pops up, saying, "Good times are coming."

The new series of creative ads by numerous companies is the brainchild of the American non-profit Ad Council.

Giant corporations such as Target, Google, Walgreens, and more are touting the advantages of getting a Covid-19 shot in order to get back to "normal."

Google created a moving search timeline on an ad, ending with the search on how to get a vaccine.

As of today,  61,416,536 Americans, which is   18.5 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated.