Utility warns customers to be alert for requests for payments via popular fund transfer apps


PSE&G wants customers to be aware of an active scam threatening the disconnection of electric service due to a pending balance. Customers are reporting automated calls claiming to be from the “Disconnection Department of PSE&G New Jersey” and encouraging them to connect through to speak to a representative.

Like many recent scams, callers give you a reason to panic and then will offer you a quick resolution by making an immediate payment. They want you to react quickly, without thinking clearly. By demanding immediate payment through a pre-paid card, gift card, cryptocurrency, or a third-party mobile payment app, the scammer reduces the time for you to become suspicious of a scam.

Customers may be particularly vulnerable to this type of payment scam, with many struggling to pay bills due to the impact of COVID-19. PSE&G is here to support you as we move forward and recover from the pandemic. We are actively reaching out to customers to provide flexible payment arrangements and information about energy assistance programs. If you, or someone you know, is struggling to pay electric or gas bills, help is available. Visit or call 1-800-357-2262.

Learn the signs of potential scam activity:

  • Threat of disconnection of service
  • Demand for immediate payment
  • Request for prepaid or gift card numbers and PINs

Protect yourself:

  • Never divulge account or personal information, including Social Security numbers or debit or credit card information, unless you are certain you are speaking to a PSE&G representative.
  • PSE&G representatives will only discuss the account with the “Customer of Record.” They will explain why they are calling and provide the customer’s account name, address and current balance. If the representative can’t provide that information, they are not likely calling from PSE&G.
  • If you have doubts about the legitimacy of a call or an email — especially one in which payment is requested — call PSE&G directly at 1?800?436?PSEG (7734).

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