38 children "being sucked" into Peloton treadmill, with one death, according to national alert

Feds Warn to STOP using Peloton Treadmill due to Alleged Extreme Danger for Kids

The bells and whistles on a Peloton treadmill will energize your workout but may allegedly hurt or even kill children, according to the government.
Diane Lilli

Peloton is under duress as the federal government sent out a national warning for everyone to STOP using their Peloton treadmills.

The national alert says the enticing and energizing Peloton treadmills are causing "dozens of incidents of children being sucked beneath" the device."

The alert to stop using the Peloton treadmill comes after a report of 38 injuries and one death of a child, all related to the Peloton’s Tread+ machine.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said there have been "dozens of incidents of children being sucked beneath" the trendy device.

Joe Martyak, a member of the commission said, “Given the hazard patterns that have been reported involving children in homes with this product, the public health and safety warrant a warning of this nature."

The commission also released a frightening video showing the dangers.

Peloton disagrees and said  the commission's statement is both "inaccurate and misleading." 

The national warning told parents to lock their Peloton treadmill up in a room far away from children and pets.


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