Scientists say human that proof humans caused dangerous warming of oceans and earth is “unequivocal”

"Widespread, Rapid and and Intensifying" - UN Climate Report Confirms Climate Change is Devastating the Earth Faster than Predicted

Live IPP Conference Link Below - Rising Temps + Severe, Ongoing Storms across Earth

Diane Lilli
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is being released today. This UN study is based upon scientist's studies included in more than 14,000 studies. The findings are "the world's largest-ever report into climate change," according to the BBC.
Over  230 researchers, located in more than over 60 countries, gathered scientific evidence about global warming that confirms the stark reality that the CO2 produced by man-made pollution has created rising temperatures even faster and more devastating than predicted.
The melting of glaciers, extreme events such as tornados, superstorms, firestorms (now a season), extreme drought, and flooding are just some of the Earth's occurrences that are not going away and are expected to be worse.
Scientists are now saying, among other things, that #ClimateChange is already affecting every region on Earth, in multiple ways. The changes we experience will increase with additional warming.” said a scientist on the panel.
Now, after humans causing the climate breakdown on Earth, expect new severe deadly weather systems headed our way, say the scientists.
"We expect to see new weather extremes now in new types of intensified extremes are going to happen in the coming years and decades," 
Here is the live international conference hosted by the IPCC now. Updates as the report will be released today.